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updated 3:28 PM UTC, Dec 2, 2023

The Economy of Francesco

Insights from the three days online initiative on the economy of Francesco (19-21st November 2020) are very inspiring. Young people from all over the world participated in various activities, seminars, cultural presentation, music, dance, art and prayer. In all these programmes one could feel the integral passion of Brother Francis of Assisi, Pope Francis, good willed people from all over the world and Franciscans, vibrating again with joy, care, love and inspiration.

People have, particularly the young people, all over the world have to begin to work towards a transformational economy. We need to create a culture of cooperation in transparency, profit sharing, concern about everyone’s promotion, being flexible facing challenges, competitive but compatible, have conviction to serve Jesus in our neighbourhood and Jesus is in the midst of our company and dealing with competition. We need more inclusive and relational models of business. These models can be very inspiring in creating a culture of trust. We need companies committed to reduce the carbon emission, use biological products and thus bring about environmental change for better were the reflections echoing from great people like Pedro Farak (Co-founder of Sistma B, Argentina) and others.

Some more insights:
Love goes beyond products.
We need companies that are sustainable
Artificial Intelligence is changing the way of all the things we do. Data is becoming the source of power. But the blue colour works is more only by human beings. It looks like tools overtaking human decisions. Is it replacing technology or realigning technology? It is a time to make ethical shift. And allowing the human being to be at the centre. Take care and if possible help another human being. Paolo Benanti TOR
-We need sustainbale finance for sustainable development that sustains the community. What do you think is the key-driver for sustainable development. I am responsible for my investment. Get to know that your investment goes for a good cause and not to support a destructive purpose. We have designed this world in a wrong way and we have to fix it back. (Mohammad Yunus, Economist and social entrepreneur, Bangladesh).
-Long term vision is needed in trading- Anna
-Practice the cardinal virtues prudence, temperance, fortitude and justice in business.
-The economy without women becomes inhuman both for men and women. Women are inhabitants and protectors of habitat. They are experts of care, friendship and peace. Women act thoughtfully and quickly to respond to the need. They know that time is an essential factor in relationship.
-Develop organised and responsible collective actions and evaluate the impact of the progress.
-Seeing-judging-acting and celebrating are very much needed today.

Deep questions:
How to address the socio-economic equality?
How Artificial Intelligence is shifting the power in the society?
How much of wealth has humanity lost by excluding women from economy?

Congratulations to the organisers of this online seminar and if you have missed the chance of participating in it you can watch them in the following link:

Charles Alphonse and Jaime Rey
General Secretariat for Formation