Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum 2

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updated 4:47 PM UTC, May 29, 2023

Franciscan Friars in Chapter

Letter of Introduction

Dear brothers, May the Lord give you Peace!

With wishes for peace, we, the Ministers General, begin this letter. It marks an important moment in our journey toward the eighth centenary of the Pardon of Assisi (2016) and the fifth centenary of the Bull of Pope Leo X Ite vos, also known as the “Bulla unionis” (2017).

To us, who were united around Pope Francis at the feet of our Seraphic Father St. Francis, and to the friars of the Franciscan Families of Assisi who were with us, these simple words made a big impact.

They found a special place in the hearts of the friars of the Franciscan Families of Assisi. They confirmed a deep and sincere desire to walk together and grow in common vocation and mission, arousing, in a prophetic way, the idea of a Synod of the Franciscan Families. The synod would take the form of a shared, common path, starting from our historical memory, passing through reconciliation, dialogue and fraternal discernment and leading us to a new way of making choices together and working in unison on projects of evangelization. Members of the Franciscan Families of Assisi would come together in this way to plan a four-year itinerary (2015-2018)—those in particular who wish to be part of its foundation, to start a process for future development.

We Ministers General have sensed deep harmony between this initiative of the Franciscan Families of Assisi and the expectations that the Holy Father has for us religious today, as he stated in his recent Apostolic Letter for the Year of Consecrated Life (November 28, 2014). His letter confirms the goodness of this initiative, an initiative in which we want all friars around the world to be involved.

Dear brothers, what has moved the Franciscan Families of Assisi, what will soon be blessed and shared by us Ministers General, we consider to be “a breath of the Spirit,” a “new call” for all of us who follow Jesus, helped also by the same Rule of St. Francis of Assisi.

While the friars in Assisi undertake this proposed path, we want the whole Order to observe them carefully and try to creatively follow their example in proposing similar paths, at the national or regional level. To make this journey, Assisi will be providing us with a wide range of information, ideas and suggestions to copy, or to take inspiration from, to invent something significant in the places where we live. For the strongest initiative experience (one per year) we would explicitly request you participate personally at the Assisi event itself.

Therefore, we invite each and every one of you to do your share to help make this project a success, starting with prayer and active charity and the commitment of your personal talents as members of one great religious family.

Your Ministers and Servantsi

Br. Marco Tasca, OFMConv, President CMG
Br. Mauro Jöhri, OFMCapp
Br. Michael A. Perry, OFM
Br. Nicholas Polichnowski, TOR

Rome, March 12, 2015

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