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updated 8:03 AM UTC, May 30, 2024

Franciscan Theology and Anthropology

Dear Brothers,

I want to share with you an important initiative of the General Secretariat of Formation. I am referring to an online course that will take place on a number of dates and times in the coming months, as detailed in the attached program. As you can guess, this will be an important opportunity offered by the Order to help in the continual molding of our lives according to the values we have embraced, and to ripen these according to our times, our current challenges and our quest for the best understanding we can have of them in communion with the vision of the Church.

All friars are welcome to participate, in whole or in part, as they can and according to their own interests and the topics covered that they find most useful. For all links and details, you will be provided with pertinent information.

I ask the ministers and anyone who is responsible for getting information out to make this initiative known to all the friars and to urge them to take advantage of it as an opportunity for ongoing formation as well as for personal and fraternal growth. And while I thank our staff for their commitment to serving us all, I hope that the initiative will be well received and will bear abundant fruit.

Therefore, I ask for the blessing of the Most High, which I also invoke on each of you!

Br. Roberto Genuin

      General Minister OFMCap.





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