Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum 2

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updated 10:22 AM UTC, Sep 26, 2023

Capuchin Family Day 2023

On July 3 of each year we celebrate the Capuchin Family Day, coinciding with the date of ecclesial approval of the Reform with the Pontifical Bull "Religionis Zelus" of July 3, 1528. On this day we remember our origin, that Capuchin "piece" in the great Franciscan tree, and we remember that we are an extended family in the spiritual bond that unites us with a hundred or so Institutes of Consecrated Life, and also with lay institutions and groups, all of us part of the same story of fidelity and renewal.

Therefore, around July 3, or on the nearest possible day, we will meet at various levels (local, provincial, general) to:

- To give thanks to God in common prayer or Eucharistic celebration for the gifts received from our spiritual family and to remember our founders.

- To share fraternally about our current activities and our lives as brothers and sisters.

- Plan some simple steps to enhance our relationships, proposing collaboration or informing about our projects.

This year 2023, we propose the eighth centenary of the Franciscan Rule as the central theme, emphasizing the spirit of reform which is a characteristic of our Capuchin family. Every convent, every fraternity, every applicable place can help in bringing life to this simple initiative of keeping our gift of family alive in every possible way. And even if we should have to postpone the date, let us keep ourselves attuned to that same mode of fraternal communion.



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