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updated 10:13 AM UTC, Nov 29, 2023

Meeting Of Post-Novitiate Capuchins In Europe

Capuchin post-novices and students in Europe will meet in Rome at our International College between July 24 and 28, 2022. This will be the second meeting, following the first Convocation, held in 2018.About 200 friars in formation are expected to participate.The General Minister will give an introductory conference indicating the priorities that Capuchins must set for themselves in Europe to build their future. Other talks are planned on the Ratio formationis and on other aspects of fraternity and missionary work.Two days will be dedicated in equal measure to pilgrimages to Rome and Assisi.The chosen theme - convocation - signifies that the meeting is not intended to be centered on cultural encounter, even with the inclusion of formation elements, but above all, it is to be a gathering for getting to know one another and for nurturing relationships. In short, an experience of fraternity.

On this footing of real-life fraternity, the Order’s initiatives for the future of the Capuchin Order in Europe can solidly be built upon.


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