Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum

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updated 10:49 AM UTC, Aug 10, 2022

Sentire cum Ecclesia

The Pope’s prayer intentions

OCTOBER: That the breath of the Holy Spirit engender a new missionary spring in the Church.

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NOVEMBER: That a spirit of dialogue, encounter, and reconciliation emerge in the Near East, where diverse religious communities share their lives together.

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What must one do to be a good Christian? The answer is simple: we have to do, each in our own way, what Jesus says in the Beatitudes.

Our life and our talents are the result of a gift woven between God and the many silent hands of persons whose names we will only know in Heaven

The Lord is the first to trust in you, and He also invites you to trust in yourselves; He invites you to encourage one another, and join Him in writing the most beautiful page of your lives.

A sower of peace and hope knows how to wait, he trusts; he realizes the limitations of his sowing, but he never stops loving the field entrusted to his care.

Jesus proposes a first golden rule for everyone: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" (Lk 6:31); and he helps us to discover what is most important: to love us and help us.

Let’s not forget that the names of our poorest brothers and sisters, written in heaven, have this inscription next to them: these are the blessed ones of my Father.


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