Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum 2

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updated 8:41 AM UTC, Dec 3, 2022

Le Celle di Cortona: a place of prayer and fraternal joy

The hermitage of the Celle di Cortona releases a powerful and stimulating spiritual energy. Brother Francis enjoyed being here in silence and in communion with God. It is a wonderful place of renewal and inner strength to rediscover and find new meaning in life. Our Minister General, Br. Roberto Genuin, asked us to share a few days in this fraternity that belongs to the project of the Fraternities of St. Lawrence for Europe. We brothers, Joel (JPIC), Mariosvaldo (Mission), Jaime and Charles (Formation), had the opportunity to experience life in this fraternity. You too can visit this place and feel the life force of our charism and the deep Franciscan atmosphere that permeates everything.

We share with you some of the feelings of the brothers who are part of this project:
After living here for a year I feel that something has changed in the depths of my person. Something has happened to me (Mauro Johri, former Minister General, Switzerland).

Living in this place, together with my brothers, is a true gift (Stefano Kozuh, former vicar general, Slovenia).

I feel very good at Le Celle. It is an excellent vaccine against activism and individualism. The brothers can come here to experience our charism. (Ivan, Malta)
I really like being among people. Through our school of prayer we reach people's hearts with words of love and our simple way of life. One of the missions of this fraternity is to welcome people who are in existential search and visit us. (Marco, Nigeria)

Thanks to this fraternity I understood the beauty of our diversity – (Luigi, Guardian, Tuscany, Italy).

In this convent - time stands still and you have the opportunity to fill yourself with silence and life. (Valerio, Provincial of Tuscany, Italy)

Charles and Jaime